Five Persuasive Techniques to Turn Your Visitors into Customers

If you’re not using your website to increase your sales, then you’re not using it properly. A website is more than just a venue to let people find you online. It can be an entirely new sales tool altogether. Obviously, there are some technical matters you have to think about, such as SEO and web development, but the more important things to focus on have got to do with how you can use your website to persuade people to buy your products.

Let’s face it. How many small business owners right now can say that they’re getting the most from their online presence? Probably only a stark few can raise their hands and say I’m taking full advantage of my website. It’s bringing in the massive profits I’ve never seen before. And how many businesses out there have websites that really do nothing but sit pretty on the Web. Shame on you for not monetizing your website! You’ve spent quite a bit on hosting on domain names too, you know, so you might as well get back what you’ve invested.

In short, yes, you can sell on your website, and you should. Whether you’re selling physical goods or services or digital products such as music and e-books, it’s no different trying to sell online from pulling people in to your brick-and-mortar store to buy your products. The same persuasion techniques work, whether you’re selling online or offline. Let’s have a little review.

Give something away.

Whatever this is, it has to be something valuable. You don’t have to give away your best and most expensive product. Just give your customers a taste of what it feels like. Say you’re selling an online self-development program composed of CDs and books. You can give away the first CD of your program or the first chapter of your book. Literally show your customers just how amazing your product is instead of making unsupported claims. You know why this is effective? Because it compels people to give back to you in return. If they’ve used your product, went on a free trial or learned something from you that solved one of their problems, they are much more likely to pay for it in return.

Show proof of your awesomeness.

People tend to like what other people like as well. It’s hard to trust a website that doesn’t have a single positive review or comment from a satisfied customer. On the other hand, when you’re able to gather rave reviews from people who were absolutely, positively enchanted by your product or service, you can almost sit back and let these happy customers do the selling for you. Never, ever go the desperate route of creating fake reviews and posting them yourself. The best way to get great reviews is to sell a great product. When people come to you to thank you for how you’ve helped them, don’t hesitate to push your luck and ask for a review. Trust me. They’d be more than willing to do it for you.

Be one of your customers.

Research shows that people are attracted to people whom they think are similar to them. It doesn’t matter whether or not you are actually similar to your customers, as long as you give them the impression that you’re pretty much just like them. For example, if you’re trying to attract people who think of themselves as intellectuals, talk about high-minded subjects that aren’t the usual fare for people of ordinary minds. Or if you’re selling clothes, bags and shoes, exhibit the qualities of being attractive, confident and fashionable that so many women aspire to have. Some women might think they don’t have these qualities yet, but who you are (or at least who you are portraying) is what they’re aiming for.

Be the authority.

These days, people question authority more than blindly follow it. Once authority has been established, however, it’s not hard for you to say anything that your customer’s aren’t apt to do. So how do you build unquestionable authority? Don’t sell. This can seem counterintuitive since what you’re actually aiming for is more sales. But openly bombarding your customers with hard-sell messages will only make you look like a desperate wannabe who is trying a little too hard to close some deals. Educate, don’t sell. Teach them how your product can help solve their problems. Show them how they can use your product to solve their problems. You can even go the altruistic route by not talking about your product at all. Talk about free ways they can solve their problems, but don’t build them up too much. Tell them these free items are effective, but they’re nothing like this product you know that… You know the rest.

Play the scarcity card.

People like it when they have something that other people don’t have. Some may say it’s a psychological by-product of an overly materialistic world to constantly try and keep up with the Joneses, but it’s definitely one good marketing strategy you can use on your website. What’s a good way to emphasize the scarcity of your product? Tell your customers that time is running out. Your product is just too good that people are scrambling to get their own and if you don’t go ahead and get yours, you just might not get one at all. Try it and see for yourself.

Understanding Context and Its Future Role in Online Marketing

In the next few years, context is going to be the next big thing in online marketing. For now, most marketers have their hands full with producing awesome content for their websites and social media pages to even think about what doing SEO in the proper context means, but Google is silently making its way toward another explosive change that will again alter the way businesses do their marketing.

What do we mean by context? What is Google doing that’s going to make context such an important thing? And exactly how is this going to affect our marketing?

Okay, first things first, although this may sound off-tangent to you at first. You know Siri? That witty, oftentimes funny artificial intelligence software Apple has installed into the iPhone? Google has come up with something similar, although in a lot of ways, Google Now, which is installed in the latest Android 4.0 smartphones, is very different from Siri. When you turn on Google Now, it begins to aggregate all the information about you it can find on your accounts in all Google properties. From all that information, it tries to predict the things you need to know and presents them to you even you without searching for them.

Let’s say, for example, that you’re planning to fly to Indonesia in December and you take that down in your Google Calendar. Google Now sees this information and begins to look for December flights to Indonesia and presents them to you. Once you have chosen and booked your flight, Google Now will begin searching for hotels in the area that have available rooms during your stay. When you arrive in Indonesia, your phone will detect your location through its GPS and Google Now will check the weather conditions and the traffic status in the area. By the time lunch rolls around, your phone detects the time and suggests restaurants within the vicinity that you can check out.

Google Now anticipates your needs based on the time, location and situation. To put it simply, it relies on your context as the smartphone user to give you what you want. So what’s with all the fuss? For one thing, there is a growing number of smartphone users in the entire world. And for another, smartphones are quickly overtaking desktop computers when it comes to devices used for accessing the Internet. In other words, more people will be searching for businesses based on context rather than plain, old SEO.

Does this mean you should stop producing useful, interesting content for your market and start focusing on how you can get your business into their smartphones? Probably not. SEO as it is will most likely remain a substantial part of online marketing in the future. There are, however, major adjustments to be made. What are these adjustments?

Google+ is yet to play a major part in SEO. Critics have called it out for not being able to compete against major social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter, but people like Ed Dale believe Google+ is more than just a social networking site. It pays to get your business on Google+ now that it is still early, as well as get your happiest customers to post rave reviews about you on your Google+ Local listing.

Moreover, Internet marketing is going to a very social affair. Have you noticed lately that a search for a business comes up not only with its official website but also its Facebook and Twitter pages? In the near future, your website’s credibility in Google’s eyes is based not simply on on-page and off-page SEO factors but the depth of social interaction that you participate in. This means the more people like, share and tweet about you, the more likely it is that your business will show up on a user’s smartphone.

What does this all mean for the businessman who owns a brick-and-mortar store? It means getting yourself on Google+ will not just drive online traffic to your website. It can also drive physical foot traffic to your store. It can send information to your clients about your business when Google Now senses the need for this information. It can also perform after-sales marketing tasks for you by presenting your buyers with related products and services that they can buy to enhance their first purchase.

These, and more, are what Google Now can do for you. Want more information? Give us a ring. We’d be happy for a chat.


What’s wrong with this picture? Your business website is fully optimized for the search engines and that you are driving more than your fair share of traffic but you are not making any money. Yes, it can happen that no matter how much the search engines love you, you’re still behind with the flow of profits. That is because while you have excellent SEO in place, your website isn’t designed to increase your conversion rate.

conversion specialists

123 Web Design recognizes how important it is for businesses not just to increase their reach through legitimate, white-hat SEO but to leverage this wide-ranging reach by optimizing your website for conversion. It simply isn’t practical to keep improving your SEO without taking advantage of the thousands of hits you get every day to encourage conversion. Even if you already have a pretty decent conversion rate, wouldn’t you be glad to see the figures rise?

What our new Conversion Specialists service aims to provide is the opportunity for our clients to amplify their profits through the use of strategic conversion rate optimization techniques. In more specific terms, here is what our new service can give you:

You gain more customers. The most obvious benefit of optimizing for conversion is that you turn people who are merely followers into customers who are willing to shell out their money to purchase your products.conversion specialists

You prevent visitors from leaving your website. You certainly don’t want your visitors from dropping off before they realize that they want to buy your products. We can do this for you by ensuring an easy-to-navigate interface and excellent user experience.

You encourage people to use your website longer. A pleasant experience on your website promotes longer time of usage and this, in turn, helps your SEO. What’s more, when a user has a really good on your website, he doesn’t just come back to it regularly. He follows you on the social networks and shares your page with their friends.

You already have half the work done. With a good SEO strategy in place, you already have a strong follower base that you can convert into buyers. There is no longer a need to attract people to your website because they already are there. The work that now needs to be done is to convince this people to do what you are asking them to do.

Your business becomes more robust. Even with a slight increase in conversion rate, you can get a massive increase in profits, which means you can afford to increase your budget for other marketing strategies. It’s a virtuous cycle that can only get your business nowhere but up.

The new Conversion Specialists service we offer at 123 Web Design was made to increase your website’s usability by improving the design, sales copy and the overall experience that your users get from your website and conducting tests to determine which version of your website provides the best results.

Want more information about our new service. Let’s have a chat.

Tips For Business Owners – Monthly Tips #5

(See our other tips here.)

Back To Basics
Okay, so first up is a little gem.

What is your average customer WORTH?
You don’t know?  That’s not surprising, a lot of business owners don’t.
It’s easy to work out -
o   Total the number of Clients you have in a given perid
o   Minus your expenses from your total invoiced
o   Divide the result by your Clients
o   Now you know what you can spend on marketing for your customers

Driving Traffic to your site SEO
o   Backlinks – why are they still great?  Because it’s evidence that someone else thinks your site is worthy of linking to, end of story.
o   Directories – if you thought Directories were old-hat, think again.  There are some quality Directories out there specific to most business niches.  Yes, there are a lot of low-quality directories also, but the same can be said for any type of website online.
o   Social Media – the entire planet has gone Social Crazy, but for some businesses, it really works.  If your clients hang out there, target it.  If they don’t there are still plenty of options.

The right page
o   Make sure your visitors are landing on the right page!  Don’t have links for a ‘red widget’ pointing to your contact page…I know that one’s a no-brainer, but it still happens.

Call to Action
o   Don’t expect them to pick up the phone
o   Unless you actually tell them the number
o   And make it easy for them

Track your new enquiries
o   Where do they come from?
o   How did they find you?

Knowing where your customers came from, and how much they are worth is invaluable in many ways.  If you’re shelling out for advertising, but not getting any return on that investment, you need to know.

Tips For Business Owners – Monthly Tips #4

If you care about the success of your business and web presence, then you’re going to want to read what I have to say about the ongoing impact of the Google Panda update.

Don’t worry, this is not going to be over-the-top technical, or just for the eyes of geeks.

(See our other tips here.)

Overview – Why is The Google ‘Panda’ Update Still Affecting Our Websites?

The long and short of the ‘Google Panda’ update and how it affects you is this – it is no longer just enough to have ‘useful’, or ‘relevant’, or ‘unique’ content for your website.

The Panda update goes a lot further than Google have gone before when it comes to how they rate your website (and ultimately your business) within the online search space.

You or your web/seo guys may have noticed your ranking stats jumping about a bit since around March – that’s when Google started rolling out Panda. And it ties in to what I’ve been telling our clients about recently.

Now – this is the crucial bit to keep in mind – Panda is not going to go away, or fade out. It’s an on-going, evolving change to the way Google rates your website.

Google cares a lot about the quality of search results presented to guys like you and me when we search for stuff on the web.

Why? Because Google’s income / revenue stream – totalling hundreds of millions of dollars – depends on Advertising. If the search results pages start looking spammy, or full of junk – searchers go and use an alternative like Bing or Yahoo. And Google loses money. Simple.

So How Does Google Panda Impact You?

The key here is now based around usability for your website visitors. Ask yourself these questions:

- Does my site look like it was built in 1980?

- Would I want my mother/brother/father/sister/friends to visit my site?

- Is my website chock-full of Ads?

- Is there unique content on the site that engages people searching for my product/service?

- Am I re-using the same content on different pages?

- If I visited my site, looking for my service, would I buy?

- Do my website stats tell me people are leaving my website as soon as they find it?

- How many pages does the average visitor view before leaving my site?

- How long does the average visitor stay on my site for?

If the answers to the above aren’t good – then you may have some work to do if you want to maintain or improve your position on the web.  And you’ll notice that all of these factors are ‘visitor-focussed’.

How Does Google Know?

Google already have several ways to monitor the above metrics automagically. But the key thing is how they designed Panda in the first place.

This is all based on Human review – yep, real live ones. Hundreds of guys, visiting thousands of websites, and rating them by actually visiting you. You or I may have been visited by a Google employee in the process – but that’s irrelevant – because they’ve now trained their computers to behave in the same way as the Human Reviewers. That’s what enabled Google to roll the Panda update out to every site on the web. Clever stuff.

What Do I Need To Do?

Forget SEO as it used to be. Panda changes all that substantially. Going forward, Google is all about usability for your visitors – and yes, one way of measuring that is ‘Social Proof’ – see my previous post where I mention Google+1 for an example of this.  If you’re not doing it already – start looking at your site as your visitors would, not as you ‘think’ the search engines would.

Quick & Easy Tips For Business Owners – Monthly Tips #3

So, let’s get cracking 

In last month’s Tips, we showed you Google +1, Dropbox and 1Password.  Some amazing benefits to small business owners in that lot. I might even get the T-shirts.

This month we give you some super-simple, quick & easy tips that are often overlooked on the keyboard that could easily save you hours of aggravation every single month!  When I say super-simple – that’s exactly what I mean.

(See our other tips here.)

#1 – Make the Most of Your Monitor

You are probably like me.  I’ll bet that sometimes you wish you had another monitor, or a bigger monitor, so you can have as many of your programs as possible visible at the same time.  Well, there’s a killer keyboard shortcut to maximise the ‘real estate’ on your screen.  Try it in your favourite web browser (this works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome)

Keyboard Shortcut: press ‘F11′ on your keyboard

This removes all the junk you don’t use when reading a web page – the address bar at the top of the screen etc.

Simply press ‘F11′ on your keboard again to get all the usual screen-hogging menus, navigation buttons etc back again.

#2 – Too Many Programs Running?

Fed up with clicking through the different windows on your desktop, trying to find the program you’re looking for?  This one is a breeze, and anyone with 2 or more fingers at their disposal can do it:

Keyboard Shortcut: Hold the ‘Alt’ key (left of your spacebar) with your thumb.  Use your middle or index finger to click the ‘Tab’ key.  This works in Windows, Mac (‘Option’ + ‘Tab’) or Ubuntu Linux.

You’ll be able to cycle through your open programs with ease ;-)

(Bonus Tip: if you have windows 7 with Aero enabled – try your Windows key + Tab together….ooohhhh!  Tell me what you see!)

#3 – Eyes Tired?  Text Too Small?

Again, this works in most modern web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

Dead simple – hold the ‘Ctrl’ key on your keboard.  Hit the ‘+’ or ‘-’ keys on your keypad to increase or decrease the size of Text in the browser.

(Bonus Tip: to ‘reset’ to the original size – hit ‘Ctrl’ and ’0′ (that’s zero, not the letter)

#4 – Need to Find Something FAST?

Whether it’s a program, or a file, this works in Windows:

Hit your Windows Key (left of keyboard)

Type the name, or part of the name of the program or file you need, you’ll see a quick list of matching programs / files.

Click the one you need  (or if you’re a keyboard junkie like me, and hate having to use the mouse – use the up & down arrows and hit Enter)

Hey Presto.  Boom, you’re in.

(This works best if you have ‘Indexing’ turned on)

#5 – Some Well-Known Keyboard Shortcuts

This is a quick list of some of the more common shortcuts that will save you hours of your life in boring, mundane ‘office productivity’ over a year:-

These work in most programs:

  • Ctrl + S = Save
  • Ctrl + Shift + S = Save As
  • Ctrl + P = Print
  • Ctrl + O = Open (file or folder)

From Outlook Email Client:

  • Ctrl + N = New Email
  • Alt + S = Send Email
  • Ctrl + Q = Mark as Read
  • Ctrl + U = Mark as Unread

Have your own quick tips that save time on the boring stuff at work and allow you to get on with the stuff you enjoy?  Share them with us in the comments.

Well, that about wraps it up for this installment, see you in the next episode!

3 Tips For Business Owners – Monthly Tips #2

So, let’s get cracking 

Here are 3 tips that any business owner can benefit from without throwing their PC (or Mac) through the window:

(See our other tips here.)

#1 – Google +1 is here!

If you haven’t heard of it already, then you have now.  If you’re not sure what it is, then a simple explanation is to think of the ‘Facebook Like’ buttons you see on many sites at the moment.

Now the importance of this is – it’s Google.  We all know how important those chaps are when it comes to the web, search, and running your business.

When Google does something, it usually has a massive global and local impact, so if you only have 1 ‘share this’ or ‘like’ button on your website, make sure it’s Google + 1.

Simple enough for your web guys to setup, so won’t break your website budget.

#2 – Dropbox

This is amazing.  Free storage up to 2Gb.

Want all your important documents or images to be available to you on whatever machine you work from?  Dropbox it.

Need to share important documents with your clients and don’t want to constantly email changes back and forth?  Dropbox it.

You save something to your Dropbox folder, which then almost instantly becomes available in the same folder on your other machines (or also available to anyone else you share it with).

Simple to set up.  Free.  Download, install, away you go – all your Word, Excel, image files, whatever you want available to you wherever you are.

You can even login to the website from anywhere in the world to access your files should you need.

Link to Dropbox site.

#3 – 1Password Vs Firefox 4 Password Manager.

Got multiple passwords you can never remember?

1Password wins hands down.  Many more options and the ability to integrate also with Internet Explorer (boo, hiss!).  1Password pops a handy little icon in both FF & IE, but most of the time you don’t need the icon – it just recognises the login pages that you have saved – and can even auto-fill for you.

Forgotten a login, or can’t quite remember the web address you need to login to?  Just hit the icon, and search for part of the name of the website, or the address.  It’s truly a great bit of kit.

Also features a great ‘Password Generator’ which generates really strong passwords – and obviously you don’t ever need to remember them, and so don’t have to use the same ‘easy to remember’ password you’ve always used before.

*** Use 1Password with Dropbox (see above) and you can have your passwords available to you on every machine you work on – home, office, anywhere.

Well, that about wraps it up for this installment, see you in the next episode!

Page Speed & Image Sprites

If you’re concerned about the speed that your web page loads at then this is a great tool:

Sprite Me makes it super simple to sprite up images with a little Bookmark tool.

Excellent for sites that don’t already have their images sprited.

123 Webdesign: One Stop Shop for Online Businesses

Are you an aspiring businessman trying to climb your way up to the top of the market mountain? If you are, then you better keep reading because what follows may change the way you see things regarding your business. You might have set up your marketing strategies by now. You probably even have a website to promote your products and services to your customers. But are you sure that your website is doing its work for you? If you have doubts about that, then 123 Webdesign is here to help you. With their service oriented approach to giving you the best websites, web design, e-commerce, and content management solutions at affordable prices, you‘re sure to be reaping in profits and customers in no time at all. 123 Webdesign aims their services towards small to medium businesses in the Bournemouth area. They also aim to help business owners realize the potential of their online business.

There are various services they offer to their clients. One is web design. This service aims to provide you with websites that will suit your needs—to develop a website that will boost your brand and will help you achieve your business objectives. 123 Webdesign will help you get the best results through their packages consisting of starter websites and e-commerce websites. Another service they provide is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Through this service, your website, particularly your business, will be put at the top of search results so that your customers will see your brand right away. With this service, ROI is guaranteed and all you have to do is to avail of the opportunity!

A third service they can provide for your business is Content Management Systems. Content management is crucial for your business website and 123 Webdesign will make sure that your website is updated with content that will bring in customers. 123 Webdesign also provides e-commerce services. They can give you three easy options so that your products can reach all the corners of Bournemouth and the rest of the world any time of the day whenever customers demand it. Their e-commerce services will definitely make a statement for your brand.

123 Webdesign has worked with Eboss recruitment Software, Intabase Solutions, The Bournemouth Plumber, Graham Davies Management Project, The Park Partnership, Edeli Shop, Shawn Randall Art, Total Glaze, RT Knight Opticians, Halcyon Holiday Cottages, Halcyon Property Development and Just Add Gifts among others who are now more than satisfied with 123 Webdesign’s services. Their businesses have now grown bigger and they have high praises for the company that made things possible for them.

If you are looking for a new website for your business or if you simply want to upgrade you existing website, contact 123 Webdesign now and let them transform your business into a better income generating giant. 123 Webdesign sees the potential in you and your business and its presence on the web. They understand you and your business objectives so give them a try!

Flash Web Design – Is It Good For SEO?

A flash web design features animation, video and interactivity in its web pages. It is a recipe for entertainment because it provides attractive visual effects to a website’s visitors. It is an ideal design for websites on the arts, architecture, designing and games. (more…)

Insights On A Minimalistic Web Design

In a web culture where everything and anything is available at the Internet, often cheap and sometimes free, minimalistic web design is seemingly taking a back seat. In my recent searches, I stumbled upon several examples of this design, and honestly, I got stuck in most of them.

There were comments on the design’s aesthetic value, with many lauding it and (more…)

What Browser Do You Use? Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer.

Just checked my stats and noticed that the popularity of Browsers is as follows:

#1 Firefox

#2 Chrome

#3 Internet Explorer

Chrome has about a 13% lead on IE according to these stats.  Heh-heh!

Anyone else seeing a similar pattern recently?  Would love to hear from you if you are showing something different, whatever market you’re in!

3 Web and SEO Tips Any Business Owner Can Do Themselves – Monthly Tips From 123

So, let’s get cracking 

Here are 3 tips that any business owner can achieve without throwing their PC (or Mac) through the window:  they run from super-easy at #1, to more advanced by #3.

(See our other tips here.)

#1 – Go-Go Google Local!
Often overlooked, Google Local is a great place to get your business listed, with many search results now showing local results at the very top.

To get your site on Google Local, and Google Maps – go to http://local.google.co.uk/.  Click on ‘Put your business on Google Maps


Common Web Design Flaws That Affect Usability

Web users go to the Internet to learn, communicate or be entertained in the most efficient way possible. Most Internet surfers are familiar only with clicking buttons, arrows, mouses, search boxes or links. Unlike their techie counterparts who know their way around computers, lazy surfers who don’t immediately get what they want on the first click would just have to click another button to switch to another website.

Web design flaws that impair usability do exist in many websites even with the tons of web design tools available. If users get stuck or are lost in a website, they abandon the website. If the homepage does not clearly express what the website is all about, they jump to other websites. If a website is difficult to navigate, they leave the website. (more…)

The Geek In All of Us

From the overwhelming initial information on what a geek is, I still am struggling to get the true picture of one. The only thing I am sure of at this point is that it is a slang or informal term. The American Heritage Dictionary defines it as an odd or ridiculous person and The Oxford Dictionary defines it as an unfashionable or socially inept person, both meanings quite related. In both definitions, note that nowhere do we find any word that has something to do with the brain, the intellect or knowledge. (more…)

Firefox 4

Good grief.  I dip into some code for 5 minutes one day….then a few weeks later when I see the light of day again, not only is IE9 out, but there’s a Firefox 4?

Internet Explorer 9 is Here

Touted as being faster, more streamlined and simplified, is Internet Explorer 9 gonna make me spurn Firefox?

Ah.  Not so quick.  Just went to download for Windows 7 x64.  Downloaded.  Ran the install.

“Internet Explorer 9 – Downloading required updates…”

“Internet Explorer needs an update before installing……go online and install the required update, then return to the Internet Explorer installation page and run setup again.”


I click the ‘Get Update’ button.  The usual, helpful (?) Microsoft page full of stuff I don’t want to know, with the Windows 7 update buried somewhere down the page.

I click the ‘Download the x64 package now’ link.

“We can’t find that page

Make sure the web address is correct, or try using a different link to get to the page you want.”

Thank you so much Microsoft.

Seamless, end to end, joined up thinking….

Back to FF.

Top Tip For Customising Magento E-commerce

Trying to find the right file to add / edit your latest Magento e-commerce website?

Login as Admin, go System > Configuration

Top left you see ‘Current Configuration Scope’ – choose ‘Main Website’ assuming you have a default installation.

Then scroll down on the left till you see ‘Developer’ – hit that.

Then open the panel in the content area that says ‘Debug’ and set Template Path Hints to ‘yes’ (Block Names also if you want them)

Save and done.

Credit to Magento Community guy stevewar for the video here

Netbeans 6.9.1, Netbeans 7 beta, Scanning Projects….

If like me you use Netbeans 6.9.1 as your IDE, you probably already installed Scan on Demand to stop Netbeans choking up while scanning projects…

That (unfortunately) stopped working today.  So I downloaded the 7 beta – this is reported to have much more ‘unobtrusive’ scanning of projects.

Still, my advice, is to install it after work, then let it run overnight….took hours to finish scanning upon first boot – froze up many times, and required Netbeans and javaw.exe to be killed off with Task Manager.

She’s also a bit of a memory-hogger – currently reporting 17% on my CPU’s (AMD Phenom II X6 1055T) and 777Mb Ram.  Maybe that’s just Symfony projects in Netbeans for you.

Makes Windows 7 look like Mother Theresa, and even Vista like a woman-of-not-so-much-ill-repute…

Measure It and FoxGuide Firefox Plugins

Handy little plugin for Firefox that allows you to drag on the browser window to check the width and height of your layout.

Measure It – useful if you want to quickly check widths to tweak your css without retyping / guess-timating 3 times……

FoxGuide – handy rulers ala Photoshop.