Akismet – Spam, or Ham?!

You’ve got to love that as a little phrase – ‘spam, or ham’!

We’ve been using Akismet on our blog now for some time, and it does exactly what they proclaim.  It stops spam.  If you’re into web design or blogging online, and have your own blog, or run one for your company, this is a great time-saver.

Fed up of having to manually delete all the comment spam from your blog?  Akismet is your guard-dog, and a pretty loyal one at that.  Down in (not so sunny today) Bournemouth we’ve had this little puppy guarding our web design blog comments for a couple of months – and not a lot gets past it to be honest.

It’s dead easy to install on your blog – see the Akismet anti-spam website for more details.

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