The problems of web design and Internet Explorer 6!

Found an article of interest today regarding the issues of web design / Internet Explorer 6 over at the national pages.   The issues of catering for the aged IE6 are well known to web site designers, with hacks required to render W3C compliant websites, security issues and lack of support for transparent png images among the problems.

With the strength in the web browser market of Mozilla’s Firefox, IE 7 & 8, Opera, Safari and now Google Chrome, many companies look to be signing off on appeasing this aging browser, launched in 2001.

Facebook are the biggest news to date, reportedly ceasing to incorporate web site design hacks in their design, thus forcing users to upgrade.  Considering the sheer number of websites out there, the cost of the extra design work to cater for IE6 must surely run into the millions globally.

I recently checked stats from several major websites for the share of website visitors using IE6.  The slice is down to around 10 to 15%, depending on which stats you believe.  Factor into this the fact that IE 7 and 8 sometimes masquerade in the stats as IE6 when in quirks mode, and the figure is even lower.

It seems it’s only a matter of time for IE6.  To be honest, I won’t be sorry – it will certainly make my life designing websites in Bournemouth that much less problematic!

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