Google to revamp Analytics….

Well, it made me chuckle, all those years I’ve been analysing, comparing, and tweaking.

And all I needed to focus on when trying to rank my websites was……HITS!

Google have released their new Analytics package, and a book is also being published to help us with the complicated business of adjusting to the ‘new way’.

Read it and weep here

Can CSS Help Save The Planet?

With the advent of CSS three, web designers now have some incredible tools at their disposal compared to just a few years ago.

These new tools may well help to combat just a little bit of the carbon footprint we leave behind.  Features of CSS 3, including gradients and rounded corners could just save tons of bandwidth.  Consider a website that uses rounded corners for all of its content areas and images for all of its gradients.

How to Stand Up For SEO

Two years ago a lady called Rhea Drysdale set out on a mission to challenge a trademark application for the letters SEO.

It took her two years over $17,000 and a lot of frustration to get through it.  The guy who tried to register the trademark for the letters SEO was called Jason Gambert, his supposed goal was registering the trademark SPO was to prevent companies from selling SEO under false pretences. (more…)

The Importance of Vocabulary in Web Design – Part 2

Continued from The Importance of Vocabulary in Web Design – Part 1

Theories abound on how to use language best for a given situation.  There are many different approaches and schools of thought, from etiquette, manners and social graces, formal letter writing, article writing.  The list goes on and on, and the field of vocabulary is itself a huge one. (more…)

New website project uploaded

We’ve now launched our latest web design project, live on the Internet.

E deli shop is an online food retailer, who instructed 123 Web design to create their online web presence, combining a Joomla customised content management system, and Virtuemart e-commerce solution.

Follow the link to see more details about our latest addition to the web design portfolio – Edeli , content management system website.

123 Web Design Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-03-28

Facebook to become the next bi…

Facebook to become the next big financial institution? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XT6b_jXsN6M

New web design, Bournemouth portfolio update

we’ve now updated the website with the latest addition to our portfolio.  Edeli shop, instructed 123 Web design Bournemouth to get them online with a content management system and e-commerce solution

see more details at our Edeli portfolio page.

Local SEO Mobile Matters

At a recent convention in the U.S., Google has hinted that local search will be much more important in 2010 for mobile searchers.  Google mobile ads Products manager Paul Feng  is reported to have said that Google thinks location is a very important factor.

Location has played an important part in search engine optimisation and services that businesses offer to local areas for some time now. (more…)

5 Tips To Speed Up Illustrator

If you design websites, and your Adobe Illustrator is running like an old dog, wheezing when you try to get it to ‘fetch’, smelling a little off, and piddling on the carpet, then this might help.

I’ve had a few performance issues myself over the years (with my PC, with my PC…) and the following has helped me.  But let’s be realistic – I’m running a Windows 7 x64, quad-core PC with 6Gb Ram and 2.5 Tb of drive space Raided up.  Illustrator CS4 still takes 15 seconds to boot.  Read how I sped it up a little. (more…)

http://rocketdock.com/ – A ver…

http://rocketdock.com/ – A very nice addon for Windows gives a ‘Mac-like’ toolbar at top of screen.

RT @nettuts A Detailed Look at…

RT @nettuts A Detailed Look at the 960 CSS Framework http://bit.ly/dwsReQ

Office Space in Bournemouth for Rent

Office Space to Rent / Let with Sea Views

We’ve heard about some lovely office space for rent or lease in the bournemouth area.

Our friend Jamie Thornton has open plan office space with sea views at Bristol & West 4th Floor aka The Sea View Business center.

Whether you’re a freelance web designer, a business startup, or a slightly larger organisation with a few more hands on deck, there is suitable space available, with the option of open plan or segregated office space.

If you or anyone you know is interested please contact Jamie asap as preferential rates will be given to people who sign up before launch.

Jamie’s contact details are: jthornton@intabase.com, 07740959377

123 Web Design Bournemouth

New Website Uploaded for 123 Web Design Bournemouth.

We’ve re-designed the 123 Website and uploaded – it’s now live on the internet.

We’ve slaved away into the early hours, burning the midnight oil, candle at both ends….and so on!

The new website design employs a few jquery elements, is valid according to W3C specifications, and is a little easier for visitors to use and navigate.

123 Web Design Bournemouth

How To Customise jQuery Carousel for Your Header

Customised jQuery Carousel

This is a working example of how to get jQuery Carousel customised to work as a rotating graphic header on your webpage. (more…)

Web Design Portfolio Bournemouth

We’ve nearly finished the latest update to the site – our portfolio of web designs in Bournemouth page is that last one in need of a little tlc, and should be finished this evening ;-)

Free Bournemouth Websites Press Release

123 Web Design Bournemouth have announced the launch of their new website service to local Bournemouth businesses.  The service is also available to those businesses in close proximity to Bournemouth. (more…)

Easy PC Upgrade Article For Ol…

Easy PC Upgrade Article For Old PC’s | 123 PC Repair Bournemouth | http://www.123pcrepairbournemouth.co.uk: http://bit.ly/7nwJh9 via @addthis

I’m now listed on the Local Tw…

I’m now listed on the Local Twitter Directory for Bournemouth, Dorset: http://www.loadedweb.com/twitter/

Will CSS3 kill Photoshop?

With the coming of CSS3 into the mainstream of web design, will Photoshop die a death for web designers?

If the glory of rounded corners and multiple background images and image layers can be handled within CSS3, then will there be any use for trusty old PS or Illustrator even?

I’m not sure as yet whether Css3 will be able to manage gradient images, I’m going to look into that one…

I’ll still use good ol’ Photoshop I think.  And Illustrator too – CSS3 will probably have to come a long way yet to negate the need for these two friends of most web designers.  Image editing, colour correction and I’d guess resizing will probably still be better done by the Adobe suite (or other, more open flavours of software if that’s your cup of tea!)