How to Stand Up For SEO

Two years ago a lady called Rhea Drysdale set out on a mission to challenge a trademark application for the letters SEO.

It took her two years over $17,000 and a lot of frustration to get through it.  The guy who tried to register the trademark for the letters SEO was called Jason Gambert, his supposed goal was registering the trademark SPO was to prevent companies from selling SEO under false pretences.

Rhea Drysdale decided she didn’t like Jason Gambert’s idea and although she is all for education didn’t want this power in the hands of one man. She filed for oppositions to the registration and did some research into the comments left across the blogosphere by seemingly different people which all turned out to belong to the same IP address.

When Rhea started the proceedings she didn’t exactly have a high paid job let alone the finance required to pay a huge lawsuit, but her efforts based on her principle of freedom to the Internet have left her with a reputation that would have been difficult to most people to forge.

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