The Importance of Vocabulary in Web Design – Part 2

Continued from The Importance of Vocabulary in Web Design – Part 1

Theories abound on how to use language best for a given situation.  There are many different approaches and schools of thought, from etiquette, manners and social graces, formal letter writing, article writing.  The list goes on and on, and the field of vocabulary is itself a huge one.

I personally like to go with what feels right.  I don’t like to write copy that comes across as a pushy sales letter.  I don’t like to write copy that promises my clients they’ll get rich quick.  What I do like to write is copy that I hope conveys my feelings about a topic, and write in a way that contains at least a little of my personality.

There are as many different writing styles out there as there are writers I’d guess.  The people I seem to identify with the most in terms of reading their posts online would be the ones that aren’t afraid to say something funny for fear of seeming stupid.  Of course, the information within the post needs to be relevant to what I want to know.  And vocabulary plays a much bigger part than I gave it credit for in years gone by.  If you like words, then the visual thesaurus may appeal. It’s a little like the Google Wonder Wheel, or a brainstorming session online!

With the right vocabulary, meaning can be conveyed with less ‘waffle’.  Succinct, to the point and accurate.  Maybe I should put this line at the start of my post…..

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  2. Just love that Visual Thesaurus…great tool.
    It seems like it’s “different strokes for different folks” but I agree with you on your point that what you write should be “just like you”. I have often met people who’s work I have read and then spent the next 30 miniutes trying to reconcile the person in front of me with articles or books on my shelf at home. I have found, in recent years and since the increase in “written traffic” through blogs e.t.c, that I am a lot more forgiving over issues of style and vocabulary than in the past. Perhaps this is because my own contributions to blogging and communications have increased and I am hoping for a little grace from my readers/followers/feeds. As long as whatever is written is original, informative and creative, I vote for grace.

  3. Thanks for your comment Edwin – I quite like that Visual Thesaurus too!

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