Alterations to Website

Well, work has been progressing on the website over the last week, with many  modifications and alterations now uploaded.  I thought I’d run through some thoughts I’d had on the work done over the last week.

Very little done to the graphic design of the website over the last week or so – we’ve got to the point now where we’re reasonably happy with the graphic theme, so it’s just been tightening up here and there, and losing what isn’t needed to prepare for the fresh content to be uploaded soon.

The blog itself has had a little customisation done now to the header image, individual page formats, tags and categories shown etc.  We need a bit more tweaking here yet, but it’s coming on nicely so far, and is starting to mirror the bournemouth web design well, while still maintaining a different, ‘bloggy’ feel.

The tweaks to the website and the blog should be ready by the end of this week for us to upload some more fresh content for the website and start online marketing in earnest!

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