Quick & Easy Tips For Business Owners – Monthly Tips #3

So, let’s get cracking 

In last month’s Tips, we showed you Google +1, Dropbox and 1Password.  Some amazing benefits to small business owners in that lot. I might even get the T-shirts.

This month we give you some super-simple, quick & easy tips that are often overlooked on the keyboard that could easily save you hours of aggravation every single month!  When I say super-simple – that’s exactly what I mean.

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#1 – Make the Most of Your Monitor

You are probably like me.  I’ll bet that sometimes you wish you had another monitor, or a bigger monitor, so you can have as many of your programs as possible visible at the same time.  Well, there’s a killer keyboard shortcut to maximise the ‘real estate’ on your screen.  Try it in your favourite web browser (this works in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome)

Keyboard Shortcut: press ‘F11′ on your keyboard

This removes all the junk you don’t use when reading a web page – the address bar at the top of the screen etc.

Simply press ‘F11′ on your keboard again to get all the usual screen-hogging menus, navigation buttons etc back again.

#2 – Too Many Programs Running?

Fed up with clicking through the different windows on your desktop, trying to find the program you’re looking for?  This one is a breeze, and anyone with 2 or more fingers at their disposal can do it:

Keyboard Shortcut: Hold the ‘Alt’ key (left of your spacebar) with your thumb.  Use your middle or index finger to click the ‘Tab’ key.  This works in Windows, Mac (‘Option’ + ‘Tab’) or Ubuntu Linux.

You’ll be able to cycle through your open programs with ease ;-)

(Bonus Tip: if you have windows 7 with Aero enabled – try your Windows key + Tab together….ooohhhh!  Tell me what you see!)

#3 – Eyes Tired?  Text Too Small?

Again, this works in most modern web browsers, including Internet Explorer, Firefox and Chrome.

Dead simple – hold the ‘Ctrl’ key on your keboard.  Hit the ‘+’ or ‘-’ keys on your keypad to increase or decrease the size of Text in the browser.

(Bonus Tip: to ‘reset’ to the original size – hit ‘Ctrl’ and ’0′ (that’s zero, not the letter)

#4 – Need to Find Something FAST?

Whether it’s a program, or a file, this works in Windows:

Hit your Windows Key (left of keyboard)

Type the name, or part of the name of the program or file you need, you’ll see a quick list of matching programs / files.

Click the one you need  (or if you’re a keyboard junkie like me, and hate having to use the mouse – use the up & down arrows and hit Enter)

Hey Presto.  Boom, you’re in.

(This works best if you have ‘Indexing’ turned on)

#5 – Some Well-Known Keyboard Shortcuts

This is a quick list of some of the more common shortcuts that will save you hours of your life in boring, mundane ‘office productivity’ over a year:-

These work in most programs:

  • Ctrl + S = Save
  • Ctrl + Shift + S = Save As
  • Ctrl + P = Print
  • Ctrl + O = Open (file or folder)

From Outlook Email Client:

  • Ctrl + N = New Email
  • Alt + S = Send Email
  • Ctrl + Q = Mark as Read
  • Ctrl + U = Mark as Unread

Have your own quick tips that save time on the boring stuff at work and allow you to get on with the stuff you enjoy?  Share them with us in the comments.

Well, that about wraps it up for this installment, see you in the next episode!

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