3 Tips For Business Owners – Monthly Tips #2

So, let’s get cracking 

Here are 3 tips that any business owner can benefit from without throwing their PC (or Mac) through the window:

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#1 – Google +1 is here!

If you haven’t heard of it already, then you have now.  If you’re not sure what it is, then a simple explanation is to think of the ‘Facebook Like’ buttons you see on many sites at the moment.

Now the importance of this is – it’s Google.  We all know how important those chaps are when it comes to the web, search, and running your business.

When Google does something, it usually has a massive global and local impact, so if you only have 1 ‘share this’ or ‘like’ button on your website, make sure it’s Google + 1.

Simple enough for your web guys to setup, so won’t break your website budget.

#2 – Dropbox

This is amazing.  Free storage up to 2Gb.

Want all your important documents or images to be available to you on whatever machine you work from?  Dropbox it.

Need to share important documents with your clients and don’t want to constantly email changes back and forth?  Dropbox it.

You save something to your Dropbox folder, which then almost instantly becomes available in the same folder on your other machines (or also available to anyone else you share it with).

Simple to set up.  Free.  Download, install, away you go – all your Word, Excel, image files, whatever you want available to you wherever you are.

You can even login to the website from anywhere in the world to access your files should you need.

Link to Dropbox site.

#3 – 1Password Vs Firefox 4 Password Manager.

Got multiple passwords you can never remember?

1Password wins hands down.  Many more options and the ability to integrate also with Internet Explorer (boo, hiss!).  1Password pops a handy little icon in both FF & IE, but most of the time you don’t need the icon – it just recognises the login pages that you have saved – and can even auto-fill for you.

Forgotten a login, or can’t quite remember the web address you need to login to?  Just hit the icon, and search for part of the name of the website, or the address.  It’s truly a great bit of kit.

Also features a great ‘Password Generator’ which generates really strong passwords – and obviously you don’t ever need to remember them, and so don’t have to use the same ‘easy to remember’ password you’ve always used before.

*** Use 1Password with Dropbox (see above) and you can have your passwords available to you on every machine you work on – home, office, anywhere.

Well, that about wraps it up for this installment, see you in the next episode!

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