What’s wrong with this picture? Your business website is fully optimized for the search engines and that you are driving more than your fair share of traffic but you are not making any money. Yes, it can happen that no matter how much the search engines love you, you’re still behind with the flow of profits. That is because while you have excellent SEO in place, your website isn’t designed to increase your conversion rate.

conversion specialists

123 Web Design recognizes how important it is for businesses not just to increase their reach through legitimate, white-hat SEO but to leverage this wide-ranging reach by optimizing your website for conversion. It simply isn’t practical to keep improving your SEO without taking advantage of the thousands of hits you get every day to encourage conversion. Even if you already have a pretty decent conversion rate, wouldn’t you be glad to see the figures rise?

What our new Conversion Specialists service aims to provide is the opportunity for our clients to amplify their profits through the use of strategic conversion rate optimization techniques. In more specific terms, here is what our new service can give you:

You gain more customers. The most obvious benefit of optimizing for conversion is that you turn people who are merely followers into customers who are willing to shell out their money to purchase your products.conversion specialists

You prevent visitors from leaving your website. You certainly don’t want your visitors from dropping off before they realize that they want to buy your products. We can do this for you by ensuring an easy-to-navigate interface and excellent user experience.

You encourage people to use your website longer. A pleasant experience on your website promotes longer time of usage and this, in turn, helps your SEO. What’s more, when a user has a really good on your website, he doesn’t just come back to it regularly. He follows you on the social networks and shares your page with their friends.

You already have half the work done. With a good SEO strategy in place, you already have a strong follower base that you can convert into buyers. There is no longer a need to attract people to your website because they already are there. The work that now needs to be done is to convince this people to do what you are asking them to do.

Your business becomes more robust. Even with a slight increase in conversion rate, you can get a massive increase in profits, which means you can afford to increase your budget for other marketing strategies. It’s a virtuous cycle that can only get your business nowhere but up.

The new Conversion Specialists service we offer at 123 Web Design was made to increase your website’s usability by improving the design, sales copy and the overall experience that your users get from your website and conducting tests to determine which version of your website provides the best results.

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