How To Set Up GIT Client On Windows

If you’re working in a development environment where the number of developers > 1, then the likelihood is you’ll want some kind of SVN / code repository / revision / version control in place.  Or failing that, a good yoga teacher and some valium.  We’re currently using GIT for our web development projects.

GIT has a Windows client installer that you can hit up and the installation wizard runs pretty nicely.  Yes, it’s free, Yes, it’s open source, and Yes, legendary Linus Torvald is largely responsible for Git’s development.

If this is what you’re after, go get the GIT client, download and kick off the install.

Do I need to say ‘click next’ / agree to the licence / change your default installation location if required? Okay.

Some options here that are good for us Windows users:-

Make sure you check on the Git Bash Here and Git GUI Here to integrate with Windows Explorer context menus.

Now, I chose the safe option here, however if you need to be able to use Cygwin prompt – option 2.

I haven’t touched option 3 myself yet.

I’m going with option 1- on Windows desktop, but punting up to a ‘nix server, I think this is the option for us.

Hit next > scratch scrotum > pick nose >

And voila, bingo-bongo.

Hit the Release Notes if you’re particularly interested in a problem you had with a previous version.

Otherwise you’re good to go and set up your code repository, or tap into the existing code repository you’re using for a current development.

Happy Days.

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