Tips For Business Owners – Monthly Tips #5

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Back To Basics
Okay, so first up is a little gem.

What is your average customer WORTH?
You don’t know?  That’s not surprising, a lot of business owners don’t.
It’s easy to work out -
o   Total the number of Clients you have in a given perid
o   Minus your expenses from your total invoiced
o   Divide the result by your Clients
o   Now you know what you can spend on marketing for your customers

Driving Traffic to your site SEO
o   Backlinks – why are they still great?  Because it’s evidence that someone else thinks your site is worthy of linking to, end of story.
o   Directories – if you thought Directories were old-hat, think again.  There are some quality Directories out there specific to most business niches.  Yes, there are a lot of low-quality directories also, but the same can be said for any type of website online.
o   Social Media – the entire planet has gone Social Crazy, but for some businesses, it really works.  If your clients hang out there, target it.  If they don’t there are still plenty of options.

The right page
o   Make sure your visitors are landing on the right page!  Don’t have links for a ‘red widget’ pointing to your contact page…I know that one’s a no-brainer, but it still happens.

Call to Action
o   Don’t expect them to pick up the phone
o   Unless you actually tell them the number
o   And make it easy for them

Track your new enquiries
o   Where do they come from?
o   How did they find you?

Knowing where your customers came from, and how much they are worth is invaluable in many ways.  If you’re shelling out for advertising, but not getting any return on that investment, you need to know.

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