Flash Web Design – Is It Good For SEO?

A flash web design features animation, video and interactivity in its web pages. It is a recipe for entertainment because it provides attractive visual effects to a website’s visitors. It is an ideal design for websites on the arts, architecture, designing and games.

Although flash web design may be appealing to both web designers and users, it may not be so with search engines. An entirely flash-based design is full of animation, big and bold images, video and so many other graphics that make it hard for search engines to recognize when ranking web pages. A graphic-filled design may also make navigation difficult for visitors who have only a few seconds to spare. Serious visitors who are looking for specific information may be distracted and even annoyed with flashy features that they may be forced to just click away to other sites for the information they need.

Flash design, when used prudently and sparingly, is a great multimedia enhancement to a website. But when used to excess in building an entire website, it may pose a risk or even a disaster to a website because search engines are more friendly to HTML and CSS.

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