Insights On A Minimalistic Web Design

In a web culture where everything and anything is available at the Internet, often cheap and sometimes free, minimalistic web design is seemingly taking a back seat. In my recent searches, I stumbled upon several examples of this design, and honestly, I got stuck in most of them.

There were comments on the design’s aesthetic value, with many lauding it and some vilifying it. Whether it’s aesthetically valuable or not, let’s leave that to the connoisseurs.

I am more concerned with how conveniently I can get the information I am looking for in a website. Personally, in the examples I’ve seen, I immediately grasped the purpose of the websites. I could then sense how easy it would be to navigate without any unnecessary clutter distracting me. No pop-ups, no twirling objects, no dizzying patterns to make me lose my focus.

Of course, anything beautiful is great. But in any web design, minimalistic ones included, my idea of beauty is how usable, functional, convenient and informative the website is.

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